Thank you to past customers for all of your support!

I currently make fermented foods only for family, friends, and swapping opportunities. If you'd like some guidance so that you can start doing the same, see my "Workshops" page to get started!

A list of what I have made (and still make, mostly, just not for sale):

All produce, including garlic, is from Quebec. All products are live-cultured and unpasteurized - keep refrigerated!

Red cabbage sauerkraut
White cabbage-caraway sauerkraut
Kimchi (winter or summer version)

Jerusalem Artichoke Relish (Chow-chow)
Lebanese Pickled Turnips (Torshi Left)
Triple-P Kabocha Squash Pickle (parsnips, russet apples, espelette pepper)
Turmeric-Spice Carrots
Leeks Vinaigrette
Preserved Lemons (imported, organic produce!)
Horseradish sauerkraut
Sour spiced beets
Sour pickles
Brined garlic

Other Fermented Goods
Organic sourdough bread
Organic homemade yogurt
Pickled eggs

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